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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

PRK: My Experience

I’m coming out of blog hibernation to bring you the latest “big deal” from my life… PRK corrective eye surgery (like LASIK, but different). I know this doesn’t directly relate to my Coast Guard career, but I thought it was time to bring some good energy to the Interwebs about this procedure.

I was super frustrated during my research about corrective (aka refractive) eye surgery. I didn’t find a whole lot of personal reviews of experiences. Well, I guess I should say, I couldn’t find too many POSITIVE reviews. There was A LOT of negative, tragic stories of pain, infection, smells of skin burning, and unsuccessful surgeries. 

It scared the hell out of me. But, I couldn’t escape the voice in my head that said I needed to do it.

And, now that it is done, I wanted to share my story. Mostly because it was a great experience - nothing like all the negative hype. I am only on day 7 post surgery (I had my surgery Wednesday, February 12, 2014), so I am still working my way through healing. But I know it's going to be a terrific outcome, and I think it might help others have the same success.

If there is one thing that I felt was the most important part of having successful corrective eye surgery, I would say preparation. Most people don’t take the time to prepare. To prepare themselves for how to live for 3-4 days when you can't see. 

It is also extremely important to follow the doctor’s orders. I can't believe people don't. I mean, seriously, it’s your EYES!!! You only get 2 of them and there isn’t a whole lot of reconstruction or cosmetic surgery you can do to fix them if they get messed up. You have to take care of them.

So, in the next few posts, I will walk you through my experience. Let me know if you like this or have any questions.

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