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Thursday, February 20, 2014

PRK: Day 7

Today was my first follow up appointment with the doctor. I was really looking forward to it because they were going to remove the contact bandages in my eyes. I was ready to get them out! I was doing great. In fact, I even drove to the appointment.

After they took the contacts out, my up close vision improved drastically. Much clearer. Long distance was still blurry but mostly just my left eye. During the eye test, I saw 20/20 out of my right eye but have double vision out of my left eye. The doctor says that’s normal and it will improve in the coming weeks. 

My next post will be the one month check up. Talk to ya around March 12! 


Jordan Garner said...

I'm so glad that your PRK experience was better than mine! I was prescribed a Xanax which had absolutely no affect on me. I had a severe "sinus" headache for 2 days and experienced vertigo for the first 12 hours after and my eyes nearly swelled shut. Also, one eye didn't heal as quickly as the other and I had to keep a contact bandage on for an extra week, which really irritated my eye (enough that I couldn't open my eye). Even after all of that, I still love waking up in the morning, able to see!

chmcke01 said...

It has been over a year, how are your eyes doing now? Would love an update, I am thinking of getting PRK done soon.