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Thursday, February 20, 2014

PRK: Day 1

Surgery day! I was a ball of nerves. Thankfully the doctor prescribed me a valium to take the edge off. I took half in the morning with some food and the other half about 30 minutes before surgery.

When they called my name, I was taken to a pre-op room where they loaded up my eyes with numbing drops as well as put on a hair net and shoe covers. I was able to watch the person before me have surgery, which was very cool to see. It was so fast!

As I entered the room, they had me lay down on the table. They put a patch on my left eye, more drops in my right eye to keep it moist and numb, then walked me through the procedure step-by-step. First, the eyelid holder to keep me from blinking (didn’t even know it was on really). Then, the brush (about 30 seconds). Then, they lined up the laser and turned it on. As they finished counting down the seconds (like 10 seconds total), they used cool water to rinse the eye, put on a protective contact lens, removed the eyelid holder and asked me to close my eye slowly. Easy peasy! Then they repeated the same steps on my left eye.

I practically skipped out of the operating room (I’m not sure how much of that came from the valium). I wasn’t in any pain and could see pretty well. My friend drove me home. As home, I laid in bed and began the process of drops, ice packs and drinking water constantly. I figured hydration is key to flushing the body and preventing infection.

My schedule became routine – even through the night. About every hour, I would get up, drink a glass of water, grab a fresh gel eye mask out of the freezer, put in whatever drops were ordered and lay back down. This went on for about 48 hours straight, keeping my eyes closed as much as possible. But, about half way through Day 2 I was feeling quite well. Read about Day 2 next….

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