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Monday, May 25, 2009

Its That Time Again...

Well, it's that time again to relocate. I am proud to say I graduated with my masters degree and will return to the Coast Guard as a Public Affairs Officer at the headquarters office in Washington, D.C.  

Transfer season is an exciting yet somber time for me.  I have written about this before and it never gets any easier to leave the friends I have met and the comfort of familiarity to start new. The one upside to being in the CG for 15+ years and moving to a big city like D.C. is that I already have a few friends up there to help me through the transition. I look forward to reconnecting with those old friends but will be sad to say goodbye to the new ones I have made here in Georgia.   

As I return to the CG and get back into the trenches, I hope to write more posts about my adventures. Thanks to everyone who has been sending in emails with questions and concerns. I enjoy hearing from you and I hope my replies are helpful. If you have any special requests for posts, drop me a line.