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Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Very Proud Day - US Airways Flight 1549

From what we know so far, today is a very good day according to the passengers of flight 1549 and every American who travels. Every ounce of gratitude clearly goes to the pilot whose experience and good sense saved the lives of the over 150 passengers. I don't dare take away any of his heroism, but I do know that the Coast Guard and its many local, state, and federal partners prepare, train, and plan for this very type of emergency.

In my previous job as a Command Center Chief in Portland, Maine, I met with several state and local agencies to not only get to know my maritime partners but also to work to coordinate our agencies in the event of a major marine casualty. We would regularly draw up plans, practice execution of the plans, and gather feedback to improve the plans. We just never knew when the time would come that we would need to do it for real.

Well, looks like NYC got the chance to put those plans and practices into action today. As I watched the whole thing go down on CNN, I just prayed and prayed for the passengers and the rescuers. From experience, I knew the Coast Guard and other marine responders knew what to do, but I had never watched it actually happen in real life. All the simulation in the world will never compare to the real thing.

The events of today and flight 1549 made me very proud of my country, the heroism, and the teamwork. I have so much pride for the many agencies, people, and community citizens I have worked with in my career. In my eyes, it is a team that knows no individual.

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Mark Dietrich said...

A miracle indeed...and very proud here too of the Coast Guard's successful involvement and participation!