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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Military Benefits

The more I talk with people who are trying hard to get into the USCG, the more I appreciate my career. Besides offering probably the best job security in America, the military also provides several benefits to its members.

My post on military pay talks about the salary and other allowances the military provides but there are many more benefits. Typically what comes to mind when we think of military benefits are things like the GI Bill and maybe the free medical and dental care. Most people may not even think the free health care is a great “bennie,” but being able to go to the doctor anytime you have the slightest ache or pain and receiving prescriptions without paying a dime out of your own pocket is a definite perk. I wonder just how much I would have paid over the past 14 years in medical care…

Think about these additional benefits;

I recently took a short vacation to Key West, Florida where I stayed in an MWR facility. It was a three-bedroom townhouse about eight blocks from downtown with a washer/dryer, full kitchen, screened in porch, and cable television for only $90/night! Gosh, I love MWR.

I would say that being in the military definitely has its perks.


Anonymous said...

I am also considering a path similar to Lauren's. The only problem is actually making that leap into the CG. I am about to graduate college and deciding which path to pursue: corporate world or military life. Did you ever have any regrets or was there ever anything about the CG that had you re-think things. Thanks.


TCC USCG Retired said...

I am a retired Chief who served 23 years. After working at a civilian job(s) the for the last 7 years, I must say that what I miss most is the pride that one could have in helping accomplish Coast Guard missions.

In the civilian world its all about greed, stepping on people to get to the top and taking all you can from someone before they quit.

Corporate World or Military World hmmmm I would go back to the military world with its ideals and mission that is much bigger than one's self or the petty goal of simply getting rich.