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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Joining the U.S. Coast Guard

As a Nebraskan girl, people often ask me how and why I joined the Coast Guard. The answer is easy, the recruiter was next door to my favorite restaurant and after a few too many cocktails, I thought joining the Coast Guard sounded like a great idea…

Well, that’s not exactly how it went but close. No drinks were involved but the recruiter was right next door to my favorite restaurant. Every time I went out to eat I would wonder what that “Coast Guard thing” was all about.

I was in college at the time but still very unsure of what I wanted to be when I grew up. I was aimlessly taking classes and pretty miserable at age 19. I was bored with Omaha and was ready for something new. One strong desire I had was to be closer to the ocean. As an athletic swimmer my entire life, I yearned to be closer to water. Being that Nebraska is not the best place for beaches, I looked into this thing called the “Coast Guard” (this is embarrassing to say but I honestly thought it might be like Bay Watch). I was a bit disappointed that it wasn’t Bay Watch but I sure was excited when I found out the Coast Guard is small, rather elite for a military service and did not send people overseas (at least not very often). I was even more fascinated to find out the service offered a Marine Science Technician rating. Closer to water and I can study the ocean?!

I was ready to sign up and ship off so that is exactly what I did. I thought it would be four years of my life and I would be back home with a clearer life goal and the GI Bill to back me up. But, that’s not exactly how that went either…

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Ty said...

Hi. I'm currently thinking of joining the Coast Guard. I graduated from college in 2005 and spent the past few years working in corporate America. However, lately I have been feeling the urge to really look into the Coast Guard. I'm ready for new experiences, challenges, and growth/leadership opportunities. What were some of the questions you asked before joining and have had answered during your experience that would be valuable to share, if you dont mind sharing?