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Monday, January 21, 2008

The Coast Guard Family

Geez, it feels like such a small world sometimes. One thing I love about the Coast Guard is it feels like a large, extended family. Seems like everywhere I go, I run into people I know or have met before. For example, I just found out that I have three long lost friends just hours from in Savannah, GA. Come to find out, a person I worked with up in Maine was someone I had met 10 years ago through an old roommate from Key West, FL. That person got me back in touch with my old roommate who put me back in touch with long lost Coastie friends who just happened to be a stones throw away in Savannah. Sure, that may sound confusing but its basically nothing more than an amazing network of contacts.

Why is it that the Coast Guard feels so small? Well, because it is. I just did some Google searches and found out the entire U.S. Coast Guard is about the same size as the NYPD and accounts for only about 1.5% of the total number of active duty members in the U.S. armed forces. ONLY 1.5%!

So, when you make it a career by moving around every few years, the Coast Guard isn't a bad family to be a part of.

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Karen Russell said...

It sounds like there are zero degrees of separation in the coast guard. ;)