As a Coastie, I have traveled the States for the past 20 years going from coast to coast and one amazing adventure to another.
Read on in this blog to hear stories about my experiences living the Coast Guard life, not only as a military officer but also as a small town Midwestern girl who left home to enlist in the United States Coast Guard.
I look forward to hearing what you have to say about... My Coast Guard Career.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Welcome to my blog.

I have always wanted to share my Coast Guard experiences with others. Is there anything you want to know?

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lamautomatic said...

Good Afternoon ma'am,

My Name is Duy Lam, I just enlisted in USCG as a reservist and I am looking to join the SRDC program to be an officer! I was wondering if you have any tips for me to getting accepted and if you have any tips for me to write my narrative?

Thank you for your prior service and I do enjoy reading your blog. Also, Semper Paratus!

Very respectfully,

MST3 Lam